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The Beatles

The Beatles Interviews 1 'june 1984 Australia'

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George Telephone Conversation To DJ Barry Ferber
George, John and Paul About Hong Kong To DJ Bob Rogers
Paul and John on Landing in Australia from Hong Kong To DJ John Edwards
John, Paul, George and Jimmy Nicol Arrival in Sydney
In Sydney With Bob Rogers
John, Paul, George and Jimmy Nicol To DJ Bob Rogers on Route To Adelaide
Adelaide Town Hall Balcony With Bob Francis and Bob Rogers
Inside Adelaide Hotel Room To Bob Rogers
Ringo's Arrival in Sydney To Garvin Rutherford
The Beatles in Melbourne
John and George To Allan Lappin in Melbourne
Concert Announcements, from Paul in Melbourne
Paul McCartney's Birthday on 2SM Radio, Sydney
Ringo To DJ Mike Walsh
George, John, Ringo and Paul to Bob Rogers on Arrival in New Zealand
The Beatles To Bob Rogers At St. George Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand
Paul and George To Tony McArthur in Wellington
George, John, Ringo and Fans in Auckland To Bob Rogers
John, Paul, Ringo, and George After the Lord Mayor's Reception in Auckland To Bob Rogers
Sydney Farewell With Bob Rogers, George and John

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