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  1. 1. Quel est votre album préféré (hors E3) ?

    • Origin (2000)
    • Fallen (2003)
    • The Open Door (2006)
  2. 2. Single(s) préféré(s) (hors ère E3)?

  3. 3. Quelles sont vos chansons préférées de E3?

  4. 4. Votre avis sur E3?

    • J'aime beaucoup, c'est vraiment leur meilleur album!
    • L'album est bon, mais j'aurai aimé davantage d'évolution.
    • E3 est meilleur que Fallen, mais je préfére The Open Door.
    • Ils ne feront jamais aussi bien que Fallen.
    • Poubelle.

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La vidéo de Secret Door me fait très légèrement penser à "Earth Song" De Michael Jackson.


Sinon il y a une interview pour Billboard en anglais :

Multi-platinum rock band Evanescence is currently recording in Nashville and intends to finish (except for mixing) its next album by the end of June, singer/pianist Amy Lee tells Billboard.com. The target date to release the album on Wind-up Records is Oct. 4.


"After finishing touring [behind 2006 album "The Open Door"], I just sort of took off and didn't know what I was going to do next and wasn't sure if the Evanescence thing would happen again or when it would," Lee says, adding that she took about 18 months off before she got the urge to start writing music again. "I ended up falling back in love with Evanescence again and wanted to work with the guys, and it became more of a group project."


The album will be the third studio recording from the band, whose massive 2003 breakthrough album, "Fallen," has sold 7.5 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "The Open Door," which contained the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit "Call Me When You're Sober," has sold 2.1 million copies in the States.


"The process has been much more of a collaboration between the whole band," Lee says of how the album is coming together. "Usually it's me and one main co-writer...This time everybody had something to do with it from the ground up." She observes that as a result the music has "a lot more about a live feeling about the band. The way everyone is playing strong, it's like we've been playing the songs on tour for a year."


Lee and her bandmates -- drummer Will Hunt, guitarist Terry Balsamo and bassist Tim McCord -- are working under the guidance of producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver). Lee had originally started recording tracks on her own with producer Steve Lillywhite (Dave Matthews Band, U2), but the sessions were shelved because the songs weren't jelling. "I've come to realize now I was making like a solo record, and if it was going to be an Evanescence record, we needed to come together and make it like a band," Lee says. "That was a hard time for me. I thought I knew what I wanted and it sort of didn't happen like I wanted it to...But I have to say I feel so strong about what we're doing now...We still have some of the same songs from those sessions but we've made them about the band."


Wind-up Records president Ed Vetri supported Lee's decision to start recording all over again. "One thing we do at Wind-up is, we're patient. It it's not right, it's not coming out," he says. "If it takes a year or four years, [we're] going to take the time it needs to write the right record." He adds that he's been to the studio several times to hear how the album is progressing, noting, "I think her core fans will be really happy."


The band, which hasn't performed live since 2009, is scheduled to perform Aug. 20 at Rock on the Range Canada in Winnepeg and on Oct. 2 at Rock in Rio in Brazil. Lee couldn't confirm if Troy McLawhorn (formerly of Seether) is joining the band as a second guitarist, but did estimate that Evanescence will tour for about three weeks in the United States and three weeks in Europe to support the new album.


"We're just getting excited to get back out there," Lee says. "It's been a long time and it's been a lot of work. We're starting to really hear [the music] back and feel like, 'Whoa, it's almost there.'"


D'après ce que j'ai compris le groupe ferait une tournée de 3 semaines aux USA, et 3 semaines en Europe.


Je pense qu'il s'agit d'une "pré-tournée" pour promouvoir l'album sur les deux continents car je n'ai jamais vu d'artistes boucler une tournée en 6 semaines.

En plus, pourquoi bouderaient-ils le Japon, l'Australie et l’Amérique latine alors qu'il s'agit de trois destinations incontournables avec un fort succès potentiel.

Avec les téléchargements illégaux sur Internet et la crise du disque, ils ont plutôt intérêt à partir en tournée mondiale pour pouvoir rentabiliser l'album.

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Merci Over!


Le troisième album d'Evanescence devrait s’appeller ... Evanescence.





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Très... original lol

J'espère que ce sera un très bon album à la hauteur de nos espérances!

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J'avais pas réalisé à quel point ça pouvait manquer Evanescence. J'ai regardé (et surtout écouté) les vidéos postées dans la présentation (qui est très bien faite, au passage!) et la voix d'Amy Lee, même sur quelques microsecondes, est arrivée à m'émouvoir. Et les sonorités de leurs chansons sont reconnaissables entre mille.


Enfin bref, le 4 octobre c'est mon anniv', donc je pense qu'ils ne pouvaient pas choisir meilleure date de sortie. Et je me procurerai évidemment cet album!

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Le titre est désormais officiel! :blush:


Evanescence Return With 'Dark, Beautiful' Self-Titled Album


Amy Lee tells MTV News that the band's new album, due October 4, is full of songs that are 'painful' and 'desperate.'


It's been nearly four years since Evanescence wrapped the tour in support of their last album, The Open Door. In that time, singer Amy Lee has been hard at work doing anything but fronting a globally successful rock act. Sure, she wrote some songs along the way, but mostly, her focus was on being, as she puts it, "a normal person." And, yes, she enjoyed every minute of it.


"I would buy groceries, I thought about teaching kids music ... I just needed to get away from it. My entire adult life, until a couple years ago, was all about this," she told MTV News. "When I just turned 18, I got signed. I quit college, and we just moved into a house together and just started cramming to do whatever we needed to do to make it. And then we went to L.A., and the label had us up there doing artist development for a couple years, and then we were on tour and it went big fast, and then right after touring behind Fallen, we started writing again right away. ... I just wanted to be a normal person for a minute, before I was 50 years old.


"I got married and we were in the middle of a tour — I had, like, one week off, and then we went straight back on tour — and there was plenty of stuff that went on in that time; there was drama ... there's always freaking drama," she continued. "So we get towards the end of it, and I was like, 'Guys, I don't know about this. I need a break.' I just wanted to be normal; I didn't want to think about the next thing for as long as it took."


And considering how hard she worked at avoiding Evanescence, it's ironic that all it took was a single show with the band — a 2009 warm-up gig for a headlining spot at the Maquinária festival in Brazil — to remind her of just how much she missed her former life. And from that moment on, things changed.


"I had to get back together with all the guys, and we practiced all the old stuff, getting a set together, and I enjoyed it so much. I started falling back in love with ... that part of me, the Evanescence part," she said. "I'd kind of been doing everything else, writing-wise, by myself, and I was like, 'Oh yeah, I love this stuff too. Maybe we should all make a record!' "


So, recharged, Evanescence did just that, heading to Blackbird Studio in Nashville to work with producer Nick Raskulinecz on the follow-up to The Open Door. They've nearly finished — Lee said there are currently 16 songs at or near completion — and earlier this week, their longtime label, Wind-up Records announced that the album would be hitting stores October 4.


Lee told MTV News that the new album will be self-titled, a decision that's not only symbolic, but an all-out statement too.


"It's about the band; it's more of a band record. But I started thinking about it, and it's also that this whole record and the lyrical content and a lot of the things that it's about to me is about falling back in love with this thing, with Evanescence, with what I've obsessed over for a decade, longer than that," she said. "And it took me a minute, I definitely stepped away from it in a big way, and went, 'OK, guys, I don't know what we're going to do. I don't know what's going to happen here. Let's just live our lives for a while and see what happens next.' "


And while it's difficult for Lee to describe just how the new songs sound ("It's epic, it's dark, it's big, it's beautiful ... all of those things," she laughed), she knows exactly how they make her feel — and after such a long time away from the group, that's more important to her than anything else.


"There's a huge body of work right now, 16 songs, and obviously not all of them can be on the record, and that's going to be a heartbreaking moment. But, for me, when I listen to them, it's a journey," she said. "It takes you on an emotional ride ... it takes you to a lot of different places, emotionally. It makes me feel really happy, because even the songs that are desperate, like, those desperate feelings were turned into something beautiful and productive and great. There's songs that are painful, but listening to them makes me feel so good, because I took that pain and made it out of it by using music as an outlet and turning it into something great, moving on with my life, being productive instead of sitting around in a rut."


Lien : MTV


J'aime bien l'explication du titre. Et je suis vraiment ravi de ce choix.

En revanche, dommage qu'ils ne comptent pas mettre les 16 chansons sur l'album.


Et merci toma300! ;)

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Je n'aime pas ce titre éponyme pour l'album, mais la description rapide qu'elle fait du contenu me plait bien.
Vivement le premier single !

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Guest VioletHill

J'aime beaucoup la description qu'elle fait de l'album on voit que cet album lui tient à coeur et que le groupe lui manquer. Vivement le 1er single. :crazylove:

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J'ai l'impression qu'elle dit toujours la même chose par rapport au contenu des différents albums... Sombre etc... Je ne suis pas contre mais bon, tout le monde aurait pu le prévoir xD

Hate d'écouter le premier single!!

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Interview pour MTV:


Amy Lee is having a hard time talking about Evanescence's upcoming album, partially because she's out of practice — it's been a while since the band's frontwoman has had to run the press gauntlet, after all — but mostly because she keeps using words like "fun" to describe it. And even she realizes how odd that seems."I can't give a good quote about it, because it's probably the heaviest record we've ever done, but we're having a great time making it," the singer said, laughing. "I don't want to say the word 'fun,' but it is ... it's totally fun. We're just going for it. So I don't want to say that it's 'expressing the pain of a thousand sorrows,' because it's not that. I mean, it's just more mature; it's just a great record. It's hard to sum it up."


Of course, she's quick to add that "fun" doesn't necessarily mean "silly or poppy." "It doesn't translate right ... I'mhaving fun; we're all having fun," she explained, "And there are moments where you can hear that."


But Lee will be the first one to admit that, when Evanescence return in October with their first album in five years, they'll be a very different beast indeed. Case in point: the first single, which, though she won't reveal the title, is one she feels comfortable describing as a definite departure for the band.


"It's really different for us. It doesn't sound like any Evanescence track you've heard before," she said. "It's heavy, but the melodies and stuff, I feel like I just did what I wanted. I just literally sang what I wanted to sing, because it was fun and it kind of made me smile, and that ended up being the really fun, cool, catchy thing that got everybody hooked on it."


And though it's different, Lee knows that there's plenty riding on the band's comeback single, which is why, even if she was smiling when she recorded it, the song's still got plenty of the band's trademark growl, too. And the same goes for the album.


"You always have to think about that. We have to go through making the decisions with the label, and see what they're going to push," she explained. "We don't get to do whatever we want all the time, so the single has to sound like a hit. But, for us, we want more than that.


"There's a lot I want to get across all at once, before I lose anybody's attention. So, the song that I think is the first single is the song that wraps it all up. It's got a cool meaning, a lot of great lyrics going on, it also just smacks you right in the face and it's heavy and it's great ... I think that there's a couple songs that meet that same criteria."


To that end, though she (accidentally) uses words like "fun" to describe it, the new Evanescence album might just be the next logical step for the band: The same themes are there, but for the first time in her career, Lee is writing about them (and herself) in new ways. At the end of the day, as has always been the case, catharsis is key.


"There are themes of brokenness, the quest for freedom, and then there's songs that are just about falling in love ... it's just all over the place," she said, laughing. "There's this beautiful song that — it's definitely going to make the album, or I will kill someone — it's not like a single or anything, it's just this epic album track that's about loss from the perspective of someone losing someone in a tragedy, and it's really cool to listen back to that, too.


"That's not something I did on The Open Door. The Open Door was allabout me and my personal experiences. And there's some moments on this one that are actually taken from things that I watched go down, from my friends and stuff like that. But really, whatever makes me feel the most, that's what's on the record, because that's what I need to get off my chest."

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Je pense que nous allons avoir l'un des disques incontournables de la décennie.<br>Bon, faut pas non plus avoir des attentes trop hautes au risque d'être déçus. <br>

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J'ai l'impression qu'elle dit toujours la même chose par rapport au contenu des différents albums... Sombre etc... Je ne suis pas contre mais bon, tout le monde aurait pu le prévoir xD

Hate d'écouter le premier single!!


En même temps, tout le monde parle d'un album electro, etc, alors il vaut mieux pour elle démentir très vite avant que les gens ne se rendent compte que c'est faux

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