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Hot Like Mexico Rejoice, Actu Gaga / I've Never Seen One Like That Before!

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Bon. Il est temps de lancer un nouveau topic, à l'occasion de la foule d'informations à venir avec The Fame Monster.


Clarifions les choses. Sur le plateau de l'émission allemande Wetten, Dass?, elle a annoncé que la ré-édition se ferait sous deux formes :

- The Fame Monster et ses 8 nouvelles chansons seront lancés individuellement sur une édition simple vendue à 8 dollars, pour ceux qui ont déjà l'album.

- Les 8 chansons également seront incluses sur une édition Deluxe qui comprendra l'album The Fame original.

En clair, il s'agit plus ou moins d'un nouvel album qu'on pourra obtenir tout de même avec le précédent.


Les pochettes initiales :




Les inédits :


Bad Romance




Dance In The Dark

Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)

So Happy I Could Die



La Critique de PopJustice (en Anglais)


Right - so we've heard Lady Gaga's 'The Fame Monster' and it's a pretty astonishing piece of work. Lyrically, sonically, melodically and conceptually it's right up there with its predecessor 'The Fame', with a definite feel of things moving in a new direction.


We know a lot of you are thinking that this is just a cash-in reissue of 'The Fame' with a few tracks chucked on. It's not that at all - this is a collection of songs in its own right. When you buy this you will not be buying 'The Fame' again in order to get at a couple of extra songs - you'll be buying a new album which just so happens to have a copy of 'The Fame' in the same box.


If it helps make sense of things, imagine purchasing 'The Fame Monster' 2-disc set then throwing the 'The Fame' CD away. In fact that is what you should actually do when you get this. Throw 'The Fame' out of the window. 'The Fame Monster' is a real album with its own personality.


In brief:


- Eight tracks.

- Four potential singles.

- No s**t songs.


Here's a track by track.


'Bad Romance'

Waffle: 'Poker Face' reinvented. Can you believe that some people have said that this song sounds too much like 'Poker Face'? As if anything could sound too much like one of the best songs of 2008/09? It would be like saying 'the problem with this restaurant is that the food is too nice and too reasonably priced', or 'the problem with this hat is that it makes me look too attractive'. Now imagine wearing an amazing hat in the world's best restaurant. THAT IS WHAT THIS SONG IS LIKE.

Verdict: 7/8



Waffle: It sounds like this.


And by 'this' we mean an amazing romantic post-Italotronic triumph.

Verdict: 7/8



Waffle: Opens with snatches of dialogue ('Don't call me Gaga', 'I've never seen one like that before', 'Don't look at me like that') then launches into a story of Gaga pulling a "wolf in disguise". The chorus is a big chant of "that boy is a monster, that boy is a monster" and there are some 'Just Dance'-isms along the way too. There's a great breakdown for the middle eight: "I wanna just dance but he took me home instead, uh-oh there was a monster in my bed, we French kissed on a subway train, he tore my clothes right off, he ate my heart and then he ate my brain".

Verdict: 6/8


'So Happy I Could Die'

Waffle: A mid-tempo number with some Tiesto-esque ravey bits, some references to The Act Of Masturbation, and a chorus lyric "happy in the club with a bottle of red wine, stars in our eyes 'cos we're having a good time, so happy I could die". Not a single but an important part of the whole 'Fame Monster' thing.

Verdict: 5/8



Waffle: At one point this was a big piano ballad but since Ron Fair's production has been added it's more along the lines of a 'Starman' or an 'All The Young Dudes'-type affair. This is the track about Gaga's father and it seems to be written from Gaga's mother's point of view. By the time the second verse comes around there seem to be strong hints of booze ("I can't believe how you looked at me with your Johnnie Walker eyes", "raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts" etc) so it seems this is the 'Fear Of Alcohol Monster' Gaga previously mentioned. The chorus is "I'll never talk again, oh boy you've left me speechless / I'll never love again, oh friend you've left me speechless" and one of the best bits finds Gaga singing "after all the boys and the girls that we've been through, would you give it all up if I promised boy to you that I'll never talk again, and I'll never love again, I'll never write a song, or even sing along..." This is a massive, massive ballad which doesn't sound like anything else you've heard from Lady Gaga and could do for her what 'Beautiful' did for Christina Aguilera. At the very least, it's a good lighters-aloft live anthem.

Verdict: 7/8


'Dance In The Dark'

Waffle: The chorus to this is amazing - imagine RedOne to the next level with a massive emotionally-charged synth riff chucked in along the way. Actually the everything to this is amazing, it opens with the words "silicone, saline, poison, inject me" and the arms-aloft, four-to-the-floor chorus is a chant of "baby loves to dance in the dark, cos when he's looking she falls apart." There's another line about "she looks good but her boyfriend says she's a tramp" - it seems to be about women who are marginalised or who are in (mentally?) abusive relationships. We may have totally missed the point of this song, and if so 'apols' in advance.

Best bit: an almost pant-wettingly excellent, 'Vogue'-style rap breakdown in which Gaga lets rip: "Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, tell them how you feel girls [something we couldn't quite make out] hot like Liberace, find your freedom in the music, find your Jesus, find your cutie, you will never fall apart Diana, you're still in our hearts, never let you fall apart, together we'll dance in the dark". AMAZING.

Verdict: 8/8



Waffle: A song about being pestered by someone on the phone when you're trying to have a dance in a nitespot. It's a little bit like Gwen's 'What You Waiting For?' meets Timbaland's 'The Way I Are' meets about fifty other things. "I cannot text you with a drink in my hand," Gaga notes at one point. The structure's quite exciting: quiet harpy intro / "kinda busy, k-kinda busy" bridge as beat kicks in / verse / chorus ("stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna talk any more") / postchorus bit / 'The Way I Are'-style rap / Beyonce rap ("should have left my phone at home cos this is a disaster") / breakdown verse / "kinda busy" bridge / chorus / another bit / 'The Way I Are' rap bit / extra 'My Humps'-esque (but not really) "my telephone! My telephone!" outro, then "we're sorry, the number you have reached is not in service" operator message. We love Beyonce insisting that some bellend on the other end of the phone won't make her get her coat any faster. Bonus fact: The guest vocalist on this was going to be someone else, but then the guest vocalist wanted to put the song on her own greatest hits album, so Lady Gaga made alternative arrangements.

Verdict: 7/8



Waffle: A wobbly, stompy, bouncy marching song. Opens with a "don't want no money, just want your sex" line, includes lots of chanting of "SHOW ME YOUR TEETH! SHOW ME YOUR TEETH!", and a foray into Black Betty territory

Verdict: 6/8


That's all from one listen - this album has loads more to give up from repeated plays and we can't wait to get stuck in properly. 'Monster' and 'Bad Romance' have elements of 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face' but these seem like knowing nods back in the direction of 'The Fame', while other songs - 'Dance In The Dark', 'Teeth' hint at what lies ahead for the next, third Lady Gaga album.



Le premier single est Bad Romance :




Un extrait du clip :



Deux Singles Digitaux sortiront lundi : Alejandro et Dance In The Dark, qui est d'ailleurs déjà sorti sur iTunes Ireland.



Love, Crystale.

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Le clip a l'air énorme...


Quant à Dance in the Dark, je l'écoute pour la première fois là, et je trouve ça très bien, mais pas encore énormissime...




EDIT: Dance in the Dark est aussi sorti sur l'iTunes Allemand...




EDIT2: Au bout de la 2ème écoute, j'suis accro :crazylove:

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Elle est presque méconnaissable dans le clip de Bad Romance!! Ca fait trop bizarre... J'ai hate de voir le clip en entier!!

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Mise a part bad romance, Alejandro et dance in the dark

Ya t'il d'autre chanson de the fame monster qu'on peut écouter ?

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Vous trouver pas que la renoir gâche toute l'accord de la danse ? (sur le gif)


Voici la pochette "The Fame : Monster" en Big HQ et sans Tag !


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Bon ben c'est cool ! Moi je suis content de la tournure des événements ! Etant donné que j'ai déjà "The Fame" et que j'avais pas forcément envie de racheter ce CD, j'achèterai uniquement la version 8 titres ! Par contre, j'ai bien peur que j'aurai la photo où elle a une tête de champignon, et je préfère largement l'autre. unsure.gif


Ca sera toujours écrit "The Fame Monster" dessus ou "Monster" ? (Désolé question existentielle mrgreen.gif mais j'aimerais savoir si il va y avoir des changements mineurs au niveau de la pochette.)

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En France aussi, on aura l'album jusqte avec les 8 chansons ?

Je trouve que c'est une très bonne idée de faire ça !

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J'ai enfin écouté "Dance In the Dark", c'est une bonne chanson mais pas de là à chier dans son froc (comme m'a dit RnBee mrgreen.gif). Elle est un peu trop répétitive, je trouve ! Mais j'aime beaucoup, ça reste bien mieux que ce que nous propose les autres chanteuses pop vulgos !!!!


"Alejandro" reste quand même ma chanson préférée des 3 pour l'instant.

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Moi j'adore l'instru de Dance In The Dark. Alejandro est bien aussi mais légérement moin bien. Dans l'ensemble, je trouve ses 2 chansons mieux que Bad Romance

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L'incident irlandais est tombé à pic, j'avais cédé aux sirènes de Bad romance quelques heures auparavant et suis donc tombé amoureux de deux nouvelles chansons de GaGa en l'espace d'une soirée. Ce qui m'amènerait bien à des conclusions hâtives comme "elle est définitivement ce qu'il est arrivé de mieux à la musique commerciale depuis le flop de J-Lo" ou "la nouvelle reine de la pop est parmi nous, n'allons pas chercher plus loin", mais je vais me contenir.

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Merci Crystale pour ce nouveau topic chargé en nouvelle actus !thumb_yello.gif

Dance In the dark me fait penser à la pop-synthé-80's qui ne me deplait pas du tout,j'adore l'intro et on tombe vite assez accro a la suite de plusieurs écoutes, mais au vu des critiques de "Popjustice" je m'attendait a beaucoup mieux ainsi qu'un Tempo plus rapide.

Pour ma part j'ai vraiment du mal avec Alejandro, qui fatigue mes ptites oreillesbiggrin.gif , le seul moment qui me plait c'est lors du pont (2min57) ou l'on entend sa voix + que ce son electro derriere sa voix pdt le reste de la chanson.

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L'incident irlandais est tombé à pic, j'avais cédé aux sirènes de Bad romance quelques heures auparavant et suis donc tombé amoureux de deux nouvelles chansons de GaGa en l'espace d'une soirée. Ce qui m'amènerait bien à des conclusions hâtives comme "elle est définitivement ce qu'il est arrivé de mieux à la musique commerciale depuis le flop de J-Lo" ou "la nouvelle reine de la pop est parmi nous, n'allons pas chercher plus loin", mais je vais me contenir.


c'est vrai que sa consistance à enchainer les bons morceaux m'interpelle !


Si son nouvel album (le vrai 2éme album) est a ce haut niveau, elle risque de devenir un énorme phénomène...

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Les pochettes d'Alejandro et Dance In The Dark sont vraiment magnifiques, bien mieux que celles de The Fame Monster.

Quand est-ce qu'on aura le clip de Bad Romance en entier?

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Vous trouver pas que la renoir gâche toute l'accord de la danse ? (sur le gif)


Et tes conneries elles gâchent pas peut être ! ?


Je suis blasé ! je commence à apprécier cette Lady Gaga que je me suis promis de haïr, je suis faible mes amis !

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