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Diddy - Dirty Money | Last Train To Paris (Sortie Le 13 Décembre)

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Dirty Money c'est le nouveau projet de Sean Combs alias P. Diddy. Le groupe, formé en 2009, est composé de P. Diddy, l'ancien membre du groupe Danity Kane, Dawn Richard et Kalenna (nom de famille: Harper, c'est la nièce de Diddy). L'album Last Train to Paris sort le 22 juin 2010.




Les premières photos du groupe sont arrivées début septembre 2009...



Interview mi-mars 2010 avec Dawn Richard & Kalenna (Honeymag.com):



Honey Magazine: Give us some background on you, Kalenna.

Kalenna: I’ve been singing for most of my life. When I was 18, I wrote my first piece for Christina Milian. At that point in time, it was really just light skin chicks in the industry. I worked my craft and was writing, I did a piece for JC Chasez of N*SYNC, Jennifer Lopez, man… it was so long ago. I then moved to Atlanta, got with the Jazze Pha. I did the answer back to Usher’s Confessions. That itself went crazy, and blew straight up, people really were just like “Kalenna just go ahead and do your solo thing.” I got pregnant with my son at 20, and a lot of people doubted me. Keep in mind though, people’s decisions and outcomes makes them better. Rasheeda (rapper) told me to have my son. I had plenty of independent placements for people like Fantasia, Aretha Franklin. I [ended up] writing on Puff’s project (Last Train to Paris). I was hyped, I’m like ‘that’s my mentor.’ As soon as Puff seen me, we knew.


Dawn, what’s new since our last chat?

Dawn: A lot! We’ve basically been moving forward with the Dirty Money album. We’ve recorded 127 songs so far. We just had a official Dirty Money photo shoot for the album, and have set a release date, June 22, 2010.


Kalenna, how was it coming on board with Diddy, working in a group with him?

Kaleena: I was working on my own, and Puff was like “what’s up with your project?” I just really wanted to weigh my options. When he asked me, I was flattered. It was a dream come true. I’m walking through the airport and he calls me and says everything about me is just dope. He’s like my twin brother, if we’re in a meeting or at an award show, we’re sitting there and see something, we look at each other and are just like “Yeah…”


How did the Bad Boy label move from Atlantic to Interscope affect you, girls?

Dawn: It’s a whole new world being with Interscope. We sat and had Christmas dinner at Jamie Azmines. He’s huge and to be in those humble surroundings and eat as his home… [brings us] closer as a family.


Kalenna: I love Craig and all my friends there. We didn’t get to stay long. Interscope was a eye-opening event. It feels so much like home, so much support.


Will we get to see you guys on an upcoming reality TV show? Maybe a Making the Band: Dirty Money Edition?

Kalenna: Hopefully. We’re gonna talk to him [Puff] about it. He is a people person, he loves feedback from everyone. If he see’s that people would want that, then of course he’d make it happen.


Dawn: We never know, maybe not like a Making the Band version. But who knows, everyone knows Puff is like the king of reality TV. Kalenna and I are just so crazy we call ourselves “Neon and Flux.” I’m sure somebody would love to pick us up. Kalenna and I will be doing a mixtape though.


We know you guys stay in the studio, but can we expect your solo projects?

Kalenna: For sure, but you also never know how this Dirty Money thing will turn out. I mean the fans are there.


Dawn: I spend my life in the studio. (Laughs). That’s a good question, as soon as the Dirty Money album drops I’ll be releasing my mixtape. I feel like the fans have been humbly waiting and I just want to give them something great!


Will your solo project be with Interscope, Dawn?

Dawn: No, it’ll be independent. You know I have the Danity Kane comics independently. Plus I just feel like I owe it to the fans to release some great music. So with the mixtape, it’ll be some great, free music. And definitely an album will come soon after.




Hier, le groupe a fait une performance du premier single Hello Good Morning sur l'émission American Idol. Le titre est déjà dans le top 10 iTunes aux USA!





Le single est produit par Danja et T.I. apparaît dessus aussi:



EDIT: Le single est #8 sur iTunes USA déjà :fetes1:

De #72 à #8 en moins de 24 heures!

#17 sur iTunes Canada.


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Je ne trouve pas Hello Goodmorning très originale... Mais c'est impressionnant le succès grâce à la perf', quand on voit que les 2 premiers singles du groupe sont passés complètement inaperçus !

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Je ne trouve pas Hello Goodmorning très originale... Mais c'est impressionnant le succès grâce à la perf', quand on voit que les 2 premiers singles du groupe sont passés complètement inaperçus !


Love Come Down Daaaaaaaawn assure trop :crazylove: :crazylove: :crazylove:






Angels (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross)





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Les deux premiers singles sont vraiment pas terrible. Le son de Danja passe déjà un peu mieux. Le feat. avec BIG est chiant à mourir.

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Dawn est une merveille !!! J'espère pour elle qu'ils vont avoir un joli petit succès avec ce groupe et qu'elle puisse se lancer en solo !!!! Je kiff la song sinon ... Mais je pense que c'est parce que il y a Dawn crazylove.gif

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Ouais et c'etait pas terrible d'ailleurs!

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L'album sort le 28 juin aux USA, en Angleterre et au Canada.


Invités confirmés: Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, T.I., Swizz Beatz et Bilal.


Producteurs: P. Diddy (producteur exécutif), Rob Holladay, Timbaland, Danja, Kanye West, No I.D., Fernando Garibay, The Y's, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart et Swizz Beatz.



Nouvelle chanson, I Want Ur Love (prod. Darkchild):



Hurt (feat. Drake)


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Vivement le leak de l'album!!

Sûrement dans la semaine...

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Les deux premiers singles sont pourris.

Et Hello good morning est assez répétitive, mais très addictive (j'en suis une victime^^) Le meilleur moment de la chanson c'est la partie de T.I.


Les performances reposent toutes sur Diddy qui entraîne le public comme il sait si bien le faire mais autrement c'est très plat...

Et Dawn et Kelenna passent innaperçues... Je doute de l'avenir du groupe.

La seule raison pour laquelle j'attends l'album c'est la liste des featurings...

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