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Florence + The Machine | How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (01/06/2015)

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Demain, mercredi, le groupe se produira à Londres.


"Florence & The Machine will be playing a one off show at The Dome, Tufnell Park in London on Wednesday 4th March..."


j'ai pas très bien compris le concept mais c'est quand même assez étrange de prévenir 2 jours à l'avance, non ???




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C'est justement un bon moyen de filtrer les fans qui sont capables de tout pour aller les voir, prendre les billets à l'arrache, prendre l'avion et les autres, apathiques, qui laisseront filer une telle occasion.

Y aura un streaming quelque part :D :D ?

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si j'ai bien compris en faite y a eu un tirage au sort... :ph34r: enfin bref...


voici les premières photos du show, en esperant avoir quelques vidéos demain :mrgreen:





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How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence + the Machine (Live Debut)



St Jude - Florence + the Machine (Live Debut)



Third Eye - Florence + the Machine (Live Debut)



Florence + the Machine - What Kind Of Man Live Debut @ the Dome



"Current single 'What Kind Of Man' opened the set, which began at 9pm.

Taking to the stage in a blue satin suit over a sheer white blouse, frontwoman Florence Welch launched into 'What Kind Of Man', headbanging in time with music and crouching down on her knees and pushing her own face into the faces of fans in the front row, much to their delight.

Backed by an 11 piece band, which included a harpist, horn players and backing vocalists, the energetic show spanned Welch's musical career.


"It's really incredible to be here, thank you," commented Welch before performing 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'.

"This next song was recorded in LA on that day I got you [gesturing to collaborator Isabella Summers] that outfit and we dressed up as Prince.

It was the first song that was written for 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' and it means a lot to me.

It's incredible to be able to play it for you for the first time."

The uptempo song itself started out slow and in typical Florence fashion built up into an explosive chorus, backed by a driving rhythm.

It featured the lyric "What are we going to do?/We've opened the door and now it's all coming true."

The song finished with the musical break already premiered in the album's teaser video - which you can see below - with Welch recreating the video's dance moves onstage.


The comparatively low key 'St Jude' made for perhaps the most downplayed song of Welch's entire catalogue, and featured the lyrics: "St Jude the patron saint of lost causes/We were lost before she started."

Introducing the song, Welch thanked the new LP's producer, Markus Dravs.

"This one was especially championed by Markus Dravs who produced the record and is in the audience tonight," she said.

"He lent me a lot of jumpers and made sure I had lights on my bike and generally looked after me.

During that year a lot of storms followed me around, real ones and emotional ones, and this is about that."

It was followed by the Motown-leaning 'Third Eye', of which Welch commented: "This next song was written I thought for someone else, but I think it might have been for me, if you know what I mean."

The track's rousing chorus centred around the lyric "There's a hole where your heart lies/I can see it with my third eye."


(Source : NME)

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How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful semble énorme. Néanmoins, j'aurais préféré que la fin très aérienne - la partie du mini clip - commence le morceau avec une bonne explosion comme transition pour la partie brit pop.


Le reste me paraît bon, sans plus. J'attends les versions studio.


Le 1er juin est si loin... :(

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Qu'est-ce qu'elle va s'emmerder à Paris, sérieux... Dans une piaule en plus !



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On sait maintenant ce que fait Florence à paris !


"Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine attends the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016"



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