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St. Vincent | MASSEDUCTION (13.10.2017)

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Annie Clark, de son vrai nom, est née le 28 septembre 1982 à Tulsa en Oklahoma.

En 2006 elle fait les premières parties de Sufjan Stevens (elle a aussi fait d'autres premières parties pour Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie et Xiu Xiu entre autres).

En 2007 elle sort son premier LP "Marry Me" avec des collaborations telles que Mike Garson (pianiste de David Bowie) et 2 de ses anciens collègues Brian Teasley et Louis Schwadron qui étaient dans dans la chorale The Polyphonic Spree. L'album est bien reçu et on la compare à Kate Bush et à David Bowie. Annie a écrit l'album quand elle avait 18 et 19 ans seulement.

Son 2ème album "Actor" sort en 2009. Toujours aussi bien reçue par les critiques, elle réussit à avoir un peu de succès commercial (#90 aux USA et #161 en Angleterre). La même année elle collabore avec Bon Iver sur la BO de Twilight 2 sur le titre


Son 3ème album Strange Mercy sort le 13 septembre 2011 (dont la pochette ci-dessous) et fait même un top 20 aux USA. Un mois plus tôt elle fait même couverture du magazine SPIN.




À savoir qu'elle a notamment collaboré sur le 2ème album de Kid Cudi sur la chanson Maniac et ils ont même fait un live ensemble chez Jimmy Fallon:


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Le magazine NME a donné 9/10 à l'album. Sur Metacritic c'est son album le + haut avec 86% d'après 33 critiques (dont les 2 minimum 60/10).


It’s this combination of unforced sonic gorgeousness and a refusal to settle for the obvious that puts Clark in a field of her own, and makes for a strange and wonderful record that shows no mercy in blowing your mind.




Perso mon 1er coup de coeur est Cheerleader :wub:


Cuz I... I... I... I... I... III don't wanna be a cheeeeeeerleaaaaadeeer no mooore...

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Je n'ai écouté que Cruel et Surgeon pour le moment, mais j'aime beaucoup ! Content que tu ouvres un sujet, il me semblait bien ne pas en avoir vu ici...

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Q&A: Annie Clark of St. Vincent on Her Marilyn Monroe Fascination and the Definition of Selling Out




According to Catholic.org (where you can sign up for Saint-of-the-Day e-mails—worth it), St. Vincent de Paul is the patron saint of charitable societies. You may also know him as the namesake of the erstwhile Greenwich Village hospital—and there’s the indie musician St. Vincent, the petite, curly haired Annie Clark, self-christened as such after a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds lyric ". . . and Dylan Thomas died drunk at St. Vincent’s hospital.”


Clark’s most recent album, Strange Mercy, was released last month, and we’ve got the 4AD session music video for the track, “Year of the Tiger,” right here. Clark was inspired by a Shirley Bassey performance of “This Is My Life” on Rai Uno (an Italian television station) in 1968. Click above to view, and while you’re jamming, read below to hear about Clark’s take on the state of indie music, the definition of “selling out,” and her fascination with the handwritten letters of Marilyn Monroe. Highlights from our chat:


VF Daily: There were some teaser trailers for the album, one of which showed newborn kittens suckling a mother cat as a sophisticated British narrator says, “It is not uncommon for a mother feline to eat or kill her young if they are sick.” When I watched that I thought, What the hell is this?


Annie Clark: I know! [strange mercy] is that thing that exists in life and nature that’s simultaneously beautiful and brutal. The kitten one was my favorite. We got to riff on this Werner Herzog thing. And it’s true—what’s better, to have a baby kitten who basically won’t be able to fend for itself and live a life of pain, or take it out in one fell swoop? I don’t know.


I can see the headline already: “Annie Clark on Killing Kittens.”


Oh my God! Of course. It’s always going to come out bad—no matter what I say, it’s not going to be good.


Was there anything you were reading or watching when you were writing this album? I remember reading that you said “Actor” was written after you watched a bunch of old Disney movies, but also Badlands.


There are bits of pop culture all over the record. The first song takes its title from an Eric Rohmer film, [Love] in the Afternoon. And “Surgeon” takes its chorus from a line in Marilyn Monroe’s diary, where she writes, “Best finest surgeon—Strasberg to cut me open.” She was studying with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio at the time, and I was particularly inspired by her relationship with him.


How did you come across her letters?


You know what’s funny—I was reading Vanity Fair. I was writing the record in Seattle and I was feeling kind of frustrated, like “Oh, nothing great is coming out”—these typical things that you go through when you’re writing: moments of elation and extreme self-doubt. I said, Nothing is coming out. I’m just going to leave the studio early today, get a glass of wine and read a book, a magazine, and have dinner alone and clear my head. So I picked up Vanity Fair and was completely absorbed by that article on Marilyn. I wrote down that quote in my little book and the next day wrote the song.


Is there anything you’re listening to lately—your own music? Do people do that?


I only listen to my own music when I’m playing an hour-and-half set each night. I don’t put it on recreationally. “You guys listen up, aren’t I killing it?” Oh God, no. To be honest, because there’s loud music in my ears probably three hours a day, between sound check and the show, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music on the road. I listen to This American Life. I’ve been watching a lot of Joan Didion interviews on YouTube. I love her. My drummer has gotten me into looking at Terence McKenna interviews.


I wanted to ask you about indie bands in commercials—for example the New Pornographers have a song on a commercial for the Kindle. Is that selling out?


If this were 20 years ago and people were making a living off of record sales and touring—and I’m not talking about a crazy living; I mean a respectable living—if those avenues were still any source of income. . . The question and the barometer of “selling out” is just different these days, because there aren’t as many ways to make money doing [music]. I guess I tend to fall on the practical side of things, which is: if the New Pornographers want to be in a Kindle commercial, I’m psyched for them and I hope they got paid and I hope they get to live in their modest apartment in whatever city. It’s not a question of greed as much as it’s a question of survival.

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St. Vincent a chanté 4 chansons de son dernier album pour la première fois en live:



1. Chloe In The Afternoon

2. Surgeon

3. Strange Mercy

4. Year Of The Tiger

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Cette interprétation m'a subjugué.

Elle est en concert au Café de la Danse le 30 novembre (le même jour qu'M83, Cruuueeel!!)

Mais dépéchez-vous il n'y a plus de places sur Digitick !

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Strange Mercy est devenu l'un de mes albums préférés.

Cruel / Surgeon / Chloe In The Afternoon sont sublimes!

Le clip de Cheerleader est réussi! J'adore! :crazylove:

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Oyé Oyé !


St. Vincent is back. :throb:

Nouvel album prévu pour le 25 février 2014. Sobrement intitulé St. Vincent et dont voici la cover et la tracklist:




1. Rattlesnake
2. Birth In Reverse
3. Prince Johnny
4. Huey Newton
5. Digital Witness
6. I Prefer Your Love
7. Regret
8. Bring Me Your Loves
9. Psychopath
10. Every Tear Disappears
11. Severed Crossed Fingers


En attendant, vous pouvez télécharger le 1er single Birth In Reverse ici :



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