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Paroles At Your Luau Night

Artiste : Herman Dune
Album : "Mas Cambios"
Ecouter un extrait de ce titre
that's three blocks away but too far already
with the rain that crashes and the people walking
but i'd rather sit here a little longer
and i don't think you care and i don't think you're really waiting
and even if you do this is just kind of what i owe you for what happened before
and tell me all about it:
"were you drunk or not when you said you missed me?"
i want a haircut that kills, i want it in front of my eyes
i wanna wear tight jeans and raglan sweaters and dance at your luau night
and drive away with your best friend and make you cry
sipping on gin and tonic and talking about my band
telling everybody how fun it is to be touring across the new world
when you alone would listen and know how it hurts sometimes
and i would tell you all about it and you would kiss my forehead and smile
i don't know where i'm going, baby
i don't know where i'm going, baby
i don't know where i'm going, baby
i don't know where i'm going, going
i don't know where i'm going, going
Crédits Auteurs : HERMAN DUNE - Compositeurs : HERMAN DUNE
Date de sortie : 15 juin 2008
Prix au téléchargement : 0.99 €

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